Toby Thomas - WordPress Course Trainer

WP Courses was set up by Toby Thomas, a professional WordPress consultant who runs all the courses himself. 

Toby has a wealth of experience in WordPress, web design, online marketing and SEO. That’s Search Engine Optimisation, to help your site rank well on Google.

Toby also has a range of experience as a teacher/trainer to all ages and backgrounds, from children and students to professionals and business owners.

I love using WordPress to build attractive, effective websites, which are loved by clients, visitors and Google alike.

I’m passionate about teaching people how to do this themselves.

It’s incredibly satisfying to empower so many people – through my courses – to run their own websites independently.

Toby Thomas
Founder of wpcourses.co.uk


Here is a sample of sites we have built…

Barnet Council

[browser-shot target=”_blank” url=”http://waywe.work/” width=”700″]Barnet Council’s Way We Work[/browser-shot]

WP Plymouth

[browser-shot target=”_blank” url=”http://wppl.uk/” width=”700″]WP Plymouth Property Development[/browser-shot]

Harvest Healthcare

[browser-shot target=”_blank” url=”https://harvesthealthcare.co.uk/” width=”700″]Harvest Healthcare[/browser-shot]

About WordPress

WordPress is web software for creating beautiful and effective websites.

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