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We are delighted to receive a lot of great reviews and glowing testimonials from our 3,000+ happy attendees over the years.  We get a lot of bookings via word of mouth.

As well as our testimonials below be sure to see our Portfolio and Showcase of client sites.

The following comments are all taken from the customer feedback form which  attendees fill out after the course.

All testimonials are 100% genuine.

A great overview of WordPress website construction, really fast tracks the learning curve. A VERY worthwhile investment of money and time.
Mark Jarman, London

Thank you Toby!  Amazing course and I’m looking forward to coming for the advance class as well…
Boglarka Petre, London

A very good, comprehensive course. very enjoyable and informative. I would definitely recommend this to anyone using WordPress. I feel I learnt a lot today and am looking forward to playing further. Everything was covered. very comprehensive in creating the websites from scratch. I liked that SEO was talked about and the important aspects of a website that help with SEO

Luke Wiseman, London

I would highly recommend this course to anyone who wants to quickly get up to speed with WordPress, and needs some help with the technological challenges of starting up. Despite my lack of technical experience, I managed to pick up all of the basic elements over the the day, and quickly became comfortable with the amazing breath of the different components of the program. The big plus however is that Toby set each of us up with our own basic website which we were able to build our own website after the course had finished. A week later, I am happily working through the comprehensive course notes and building my new site.”

I will be in touch in the new year to book a bit of consultancy.

Thanks again for a great day!

Tony Llewellyn, London

Great short, sharp course to give you the confidence to build decent websites and get beyond the basics in quick time. Makes it less daunting to tackle and saves money in long term as you are now able to do a lot of the work yourself
Diane, London

I attended one of Toby’s WordPress courses with the aim of learning how to building my own website and after the course I did indeed have a website ready to go! Toby’s instructions were very easy to understand and he was more than happy to deal with any and all queries that I had. He also gives helpful hints and tips along with ‘best practices’ as to how to manage your website. Before the course I was a little nervous as I thought it would be quite complicated but it was anything but. I am very pleased as I now have a website I created myself but, more importantly, I have a website that I know how to manage and update (what’s the point in having a website if you can’t do that!). To anyone who doesn’t really know much about building their own website but would like to, I would say go on one of Toby’s courses and you will feel like a website wizz by the end of the day’s course.

Veronica S, London

Overall a great course, would highly recommend it. Seeing a website being built in front of my eyes! The notes will be very helpful in the future when editing the site.
Fiona Wims, London

Toby is a good, clear teacher who does not waffle in techno-speak. Highly recommend this course. All of it.
Julia Phillips, London

“Toby is hugely knowledgable, passionate and patently honest in his descriptions of the commercial pitfalls out there – good guy who put it across very well”
Stuart Morgan, Middlesex

“Thanks a lot for all the resources, and above all for the course – I found it really useful. Whoever knows how to use MS Office or any other simple application, should have no problems with WordPress.
Anna Bartholomew, Surrey

“Very empowering – these courses are a great idea!”
Saranne Beaumont, Islington

“The way you demonstrated was logical and transferable to any WordPress site.”
Jeremy Thompson, Chiswick

“You were very good at explaining and taking questions without getting distracted by each students individual needs.”
Vanessa Villiers, Kensington

“The structure and process of building a site was very good and the course overall vastly increased my confidence in using the platform.”
Nicholas Stewart, Reading

“All of it was extremely useful. So glad I attended – have battled with self-help for several weeks – this clarified so many questions all in one go.”
Audrey Zulawski, Greenwich

“You cover an awful lot in one day, but all so useful I wouldn’t take a single thing out of the course.”
Dr Jasmine Sinclair, Essex

“Easy to understand.”
David Lewisham, Brighton

“Enjoyed the friendly class, the instruction and interaction.”
Denise Prendergast, Clapham

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