Off The Shelf WordPress Themes vs Custom Themes


Does this course cover the basic or full

This course covers “proper” with all the bells and whistles. is very limited and restrictive in what you can do with it. has no such limitations.  See a detailed comparison of vs here.

How capable or experienced do I need to be with computers to attend this course?

If you are fine with copying/pasting, saving files to your computer, navigating the internet, filling in online forms and using email, you should be fine!

Is there any coding or programming involved?  Do I need to know any HTML?

You don’t need any experience at all with coding, programming or HTML.  On the course, you are sometimes provided with short lines of code which you simply copy and paste into your site.  If you know any HTML already, that may well be useful after the course for having more control of formatting your text, etc.

I’m already fairly experienced but I’m not sure whether to do the basic course or the advanced course – can you advise?

The basic course is very comprehensive and covers a lot more than just an introduction to WordPress. It also covers all the essentials you may not have considered, such as backing up, tracking, analytics, search engine optimisation, contact forms, maps, blogs, RSS feeds, social media integration and much more – see the basic course outline in full. If you are well experienced with all these elements already and want to learn more about the topics covered in the advanced course, then the advanced course will suit you better.  Please note that if you do the basic course first, you get £100 off the advanced course, so it almost pays for itself to do the basic course first, then the advanced.

What payment options do you offer?

All bookings through the website can be paid for via invoice/bank transfer, via any major credit/debit card, or via PayPal. Choose whichever one of these three options you prefer. Payment needs to made promptly after booking if you wish to to fully secure your place. You will be sent confirmation via email.

Can you send me an invoice or receipt?

Whichever method you choose to book with, you’ll get an invoice/receipt sent to you.

Do you charge VAT?

There is no VAT because as an educational sole trader, WP Courses is VAT exempt.

Is using a Mac as my laptop OK?

Absolutely!  Many attendees use Macs.  In fact any laptop is fine… PC, Mac or Chromebook.

What about doing the course with an iPad or tablet computer?

This is not recommended.  While plenty of attendees over the years have completed the course successfully using an iPad or tablet, rather than a laptop, some have struggled to perform certain aspects of the course.  If you have access to a laptop, please bring that – you will find the course easier. Alternatively, you can hire a laptop here for £25.

Do you offer evening or weekend courses?

Not yet, but we hope to in the future. Contact us below to express your interest in this and we will be in touch.

Do you offer follow up support after the course?

Absolutely. We offer range of support options for after the course should you need it. Read about our WordPress consulting services here. However, by doing both the basic course — and ideally the advanced course too — you should have everything you need. Our goal is to empower you through the courses to be able to edit, run, manage and update your own website completely independently and to also know how to find free help and support online.

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