Photography vs Stock Images

If you’re a good photographer try and take your website’s photos yourself, especially if they feature the people/places/products your site is about!

If photos are important, consider investing in a professional photographer or a camera for yourself.  Digital SLR cameras are the best.  You can get some amazing deals on 2nd hand digital SLR’s on eBay.

Otherwise, to save the hassle and ensure good quality, there are millions of stock images available to buy, usually for around £2 to £6 per image, but ranging from £1 – £200, depending on which one you go for!

You can also get free, open source or royalty-free images, but you have to link back to them which negates the SEO benefits

For open-source images, see Wikimedia Commons Quality Images

Best place to search for images is Google Images, then select Search Tools

Under “Usage Rights” select “Labelled for reuse” to see all the open source images you can use for free.

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