WordPress Course Benefits

Benefits of a WordPress course

If WordPress is so easy to use, why do a training course?

Good question!  After all, you could just work out for yourself how to use WordPress.

It is all a question of time and money

How much of your own time and money are you prepared to spend and, more importantly, how much are you prepared to waste?

If you taught yourself, you would have some smooth sailing, but also hit plenty of stumbling blocks along the way. You would get past some in minutes, some in hours and some in days.

Alternatively, you could avoid all these stumbling blocks.

In just one day’s training, have all the complex stuff explained to you in simple terms, demonstrated in front of you and then swiftly and smoothly put into practise directly by you on your own site.

Many people who attend these WordPress courses have tried the books, the videos and the working it out for themselves. They have come to realise that nothing beats learning it all face to face from a WordPress training professional.

  • Learn all the tips and tricks, the best tools and providers to use.
  • Find all the best places and ways to get useful tools and features for free.
  • Get all the time consuming stuff managed for you, like setting up the right type of hosting, installing WordPress correctly and configuring it the right way.
  • All this leaves you to focus on the important stuff, like great content for your site and building your site into something amazing.
Get better value from suppliers

There may be some more advanced aspects of developing your site you’d rather leave to professionals, but if you don’t know your way round WordPress, you’ll be making a lot of extra and unnecessary work for yourself and your developer/consultant.  You will also be vulnerable to being billed far more than you should need to pay.  For example, if you want to take PayPal payments on your site, you could get quotes from developers and agencies, charging you hundreds or even thousands of pounds!  On the basic course you will learn how to do this yourself in under ten minutes – it is that easy!

Ensure you get the best value possible by doing at least a crash course in WordPress so you get your website exactly how you want it, and at the best price.

By learning WordPress, you avoid using a dying technology for building websites

The are many tools and platforms available for building websites, but none of them come even close to WordPress in terms of the size of the community behind them.  

As the use and uptake of WordPress continues to develop and grow at its current explosive rate, many other platforms and tools will fade away and be discontinued. Spending time learning how to use them may well be time wasted.

WordPress is here to stay

Because WordPress  is free, open source and growing in popularity so quickly, it is safe to say WordPress is here to stay.  In these respects WordPress is very similar to Wikipedia… anyone remember Encyclopedia Britannica or Microsoft Encarta?

When such a brilliant, free and open-source alternative like Wikipedia comes along, there is no point bothering with anything else.  That is why Wikipedia is the future for all encyclopedias and WordPress is the future for all web design.

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